parallel and right-angle shaft gear units and speed variators

Brevini Power Transmission
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PIV Drives

CVT Chain Variators

A completely steel made chain variator...

Product details

POSIRED D Right Angle Gearboxes

This universal and compact gearmotor is...

Product details

POSITWIN GL Double shaft extruder gear

Double shaft extruder gears have been...

Product details

POSIREX single shaft extruder drive

Modular design based on POSIRED range...

Product details

POSIRACK Rack and Pinion Drive

PIV Drives has developed rack and...

Product details

POSICROSS LN Right angle units

These gears are characterised by a...

Product details

POSITORQUE Planetary gear

The POSITORQUE planetary gear series (5...

Product details

POSIRED TS Double Shaft Gear

Fields of application for this series...

Product details

POSIRED 2 Parallel Shaft and Right Angle Gearboxes

In this product range the demand for a...

Product details

POSIRED R Gear for agitators, aerators, fan

Our mixer gears are primarily used in...

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