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Privacy Policy

Website Policy Group EMAVI Power Transmission:

1. Privacy.

The institution manages user information with the highest levels of protection possible in an automated data processing. User information is incorporated into databases and files owned by the institution and are only accessed by internal company personnel.

User information is stored on servers in the institution and is kept in the most secure environment possible, with all measures of safety and security and is treated with the utmost confidentiality.


2. Information Security.

The institution has employed all systems and technical measures within its power to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data provided by the user.

However, the user should be aware that Internet security measures are not impregnable.


3. Collection and use of user information.

By registering on the website, the institution may request certain information, to send you the information or services you request it available. The institution will process the user information where this is a condition to provide better service. The institution is committed to not collect unnecessary information about the user.


4. Analysis of information from blogs.

The institution may store and use the IP addresses contained in the files log file or blog to discuss internal use trends, administer the site and track the use of the site as a whole. The comprehensive information collected can be used to customize the user response. The institution does not associate IP addresses with personally identifiable information.


5. Release of information to third parties.

The institution may disclose user information to other institutions and only if the user expressly authorizes through the Web site. Except for the above case, the institution does not sell, transfer, or transmitted in any way, information of its users to third parties.

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